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Carefully create practical packaging materials for your company's products, improve product quality and enhance corporate competitiveness

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Relying on the strong technical force of Central South University, we have 20 years experience in developing microelectronic heat sink materials;

25 professional technicians to ensure the project stability;

It provides a strong guarantee for the successful completion of major projects ofnational defense and military industry.

The quality is reliable

R  E  L  I  A  B  L  E     Q  U  A  L  I  T  Y

Adopting raw materials from well-known enterprises in China
to ensure the quality of raw materials

The most advanced heat sink material production line in China;

It has a series of inspection means, such as thermal conductivity
meter, thermal expansion meter, air tightness leak detector,projector
, coating thickness gauge, scanning electron microscope, etc;

100% microscopic examination of the product before leaving factory;

Elimination of outflow of unqualified products .

Guaranteed delivery

D E L I V E R Y     G U A  R A N T E E D

6000 square meters of production base,
mass production, fast delivery;

sintering Equipped withhydraulic press, sintering furnace, rolling mill, lapping machine, wire cutting, CNC,
and other more than 100 sets of equipment;

20 years experience in microelectronic heat sink material production.

Saneway after-sales service

O  U  E  R     S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

There are 5 major offices in China
(Changsha, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanjing, Shenzhen;)

Customer complaints,reply within 24 hours;

Equipped with professional after-sales and technicians;

Delivery: Global delivery

Regular visits to communicate, provide technical support.


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SH service process

Not every company has the ability to serve its customers. The service of sublimation is obvious to all, so you can rest assured!


Two-way understanding and field investigation

15 industry experts, tailored for you

Confirm the final solution

Formal cooperation

Confirm the final design

Large-scale professional production and production

Global logistics transportation

Perfect after-sales service, let you worry free after sale

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Saneway to exhibit at Electronic China 2019

Saneway to exhibit at Electronic China 2019

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